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Discovering the Mini John Cooper Works


MINI Potsdam




The charming ambiance of Potsdam's Alter Markt provided a picturesque backdrop for a photo shoot featuring the sleek and stylish MINI JCW. Bathed in the warm glow of the sun, the car looked every bit as elegant and sophisticated as the stunning architecture surrounding it. From every angle, the MINI JCW's unique features and design were captured in breathtaking detail, leaving car enthusiasts marveling at its undeniable charm and performance. These daytime photos of the MINI JCW in Potsdam's Alter Markt are a testament to the car's timeless appeal and enduring popularity


Step into our visual wonderland and explore our gallery of pictures, each one telling a unique story through the lens of our cameras.


Unleash a world of creativity and high-octane with our video collection, where we harness the power of sight and sound to take you on a journey through our  perspectives and showcase our love for the art of visuals.

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